Learn everything about yachts

If you ask someone what a yacht is, the answer will depend on the image that each person has. Some will answer that it is a sailboat, while others will say that it is a fast cruising boat.

What is a yacht?

Any word that is said will take its meaning according to what is expressed through it. Language is a powerful means of communication, evolved from generation to generation according to how people use words. From the meaning of yacht, we can extract in principle that the word used for something completely different from the way it is used today. It has been used to deny a large private boat, even now image that comes to mind of those who are dedicated to this sport or boating.

The look of a yacht

To consider what a yacht is, it is necessary to have a permanent kitchen for the preparation of any type of food, place for a bathroom with service and door, storage (cupboards) for what is necessary during the stay and at least one closed cabin. In other words, there must be spaces for normal accommodation, the case that the circuit lasts more than one day. All this together, really, it is difficult to adapt to a smaller space at 27 feet, that is to say 8.23m.

A holiday platform

With an entire yacht of last design with its designated "Suite", you will enjoy 360-degree views of a different landscape each day. These catamarans measure between 48 and 58 feet long, providing a stable and intimate platform for your unique cruising getaway. The only guests on board are the friends and family we invite you to join during your trip. Each cabin has its own private bathroom with enough space and privacy for everyone.

Yachts are niches as sailboats, and to describe any ship that is not a sailboat will be preceded by a supplement such as motor yacht, mighty yacht, luxury yacht, large yacht, etc.