Help me find my boat rental in Sardinia

Blue, light blue, turquoise! Warm if it is wrinkled by the westerly wind, cold if it is the Mistral, hot if it blows Sirocco. The sea of ​​Sardinia, with its clear and crystalline waters, represents a sought-after and unprecedented destination.

Boat rental in Sardinia

Formerly crisscrossed by Phoenician boats, today by the hulls moored in the tourist ports, the sea caresses the sand of the beaches or the attack on the days of storm, it slips between creeks and caves, it is allowed to adorn edges of rocks eroded to dominate high cliffs overlooking it. It contains a world rich in life and beauty: the kingdom of the monk seal, the sea ox, is inhabited by an innumerable variety of fish, mollusks, mussels, cetaceans that amaze the explorers underwater and delight the palates of the explorers of the taste. In marine protected areas, accessible by renting a sailboat or catamaran, enchant and seduce the sparkling colors of an unspoiled nature: from the ruby ​​red of the Alghero coral to the incandescent platinum of the Alicia mirabilis, which shines at night in the depths of Tavolara.

The beauty of renting a boat in Sardinia

If you want to enjoy a unique vacation that allows you to enjoy the true form of freedom and lose your eyes in the marvelous Tyrrhenian Sea, all you have to do is seize the opportunity for boat rental sardinia and enjoy from one of the most beautiful seaside resorts in Italy. Imagine crossing the seas along the shoreline of this beautiful and characteristic island without being disturbed so you can access all the most beautiful beaches and take a vacation with friends in a luxurious sailboat or even a yacht.

The prices of the charter service are the most varied and depend mainly on two factors: the type of boat you want to rent, the cheapest catamarans to the most expensive motor boats and sails, and of course the duration of the trip.


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